Pdf viewer application is not defined
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How to resolve "Error Type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop

pdf viewer application is not defined

TeXstudio Change external PDF viewer command to open pdf. Betreff: Re: [cordova-plugin-document-viewer] ErrorNo viewer for application/pdf I am using android 4.4.2. I stored the file inside the image folder of the www folder., The most easy way to open a file with the default application is: System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(@"c:\myPDF.pdf"); However, I would like to know if exists a way to set parameters to the default application, because I would like to open a pdf ….

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Type Excel.Application is not defined Experts Exchange. 25/05/2007В В· That probably means you need to register Word internally with windows. This is usually a simple process if done as shown below: [color=black][font='Times New Roman']Open two Windows Explorer windows - one window displaying the .dll and the other Regsvr32.exe., 29/01/2008В В· If you use the wsdl.exe application in the sdk\v2.0\bin folder of your Visual Studio install, it will generate the proxy class for you using the MathService.wsdl file from the web site where you got the demo. (Use /l:vb if you want it to produce vb code.).